Buying an SSL certificate

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An SSL certificate is a kind of unique digital signature on your site. Such a certificate is necessary for online stores, companies, payment systems, banks and other organizations working with users’ personal data to protect online payments, transactions and prevent unauthorized access to information.

Why do we need SSL? First of all, your users need it – this increases the credibility of your site, maintains the reputation and reliability of your resource, and confirms your concern for client safety.

What are the certificates?

Only specialized companies are authorized to issue an SSL certificate. At the same time, prices and capabilities of different types of certificates can differ very significantly. Depending on the level of verification, the following types are distinguished:

  • DV – the simplest SSL-certificate, confirming only the authenticity of the domain (Domain Validation);
  • OV – a certificate that allows you to verify the authenticity of the organization owning the domain (Organization Validation);
  • EV – SSL-certificate, which guarantees the highest level of user protection through extended validation (Extended Validation);
  • Wildcard SSL allows you to protect any number of subdomains.


What are Wildcard and SAN?

Buying SSL-certificate like Wildcard, you get the opportunity to protect all subdomains of your domain, including newly created ones. SAN certificates are even more universal because they allow you to protect multiple domains, subdomains, and local domain names with SSL encryption.


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