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How hosting affects SEO promotion and why it is important to pay special attention to choosing the right hosting. Basic requirements before starting to create a project on the Internet, which will affect the development of the business in the future.

Hosting is the basis of your Internet project, the choice of which will affect a lot: the speed of work, the loyalty of visitors and even the position in the search results. In this article, you will learn how hosting can affect the SEO performance of an Internet resource and what you should look at first when ordering a service.

4 indicators to pay attention to

  1. Uptime . It depends on how long the hosting will be in working condition. The high rate of the Uptime server allows search engines to get permanent access to the site. This positively affects the speed of its indexation or reindexing. For users, uptime is also a very important parameter. If a person clicked on a link to a broken site, then he would not calmly wait for him to work again. And naturally, he will go to look for information and / or necessary goods on another resource. In this case, the business owner loses the trust of potential customers.
  2. Server speed and response time . It’s no secret that for Yandex, Google, and other robots, the site’s response speed is one of the significant factors. And here everything is logical: the faster the user receives an answer, the better the search engine has completed the work by providing relevant results. Due to this, such pages have a priority in issuing and occupy a higher position.
  3. The physical location of the servers . Try to constantly monitor response time relative to the location of your target audience. If it is too long – order one that is located geographically closer to visitors. You can also use the services of CDN. For example, from Cloudflare. They will help speed up page loading.
  4. Quality technical support . Whatever problems arise with hosting, it is important to get timely help from the hosting provider. For example, you need to clean the site of viruses or you need a clear consultation of a specialist. Qualified support will help in a short time to restore work and therefore prevent a decrease in its SEO-indicators.

An example of the fulfillment of all the above indicators is the REG service , which is one of the most popular hosting providers in Russia. The services and tariffs of this company allow you to place an online store, blog, corporate portal and any other project. And if you need more resources, then at any time you can switch to a more efficient tariff.

If the audience lives in Russia, then it makes sense to take advantage of the proposals of this organization. Its physical servers are located on the territory of the Russian Federation. And as mentioned earlier, this will affect continued success in promoting and developing a business online.

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